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VIDEO: Van smashes hydrant, spawns geyser on Route 1 in West Windsor

Police received dozens of 911 calls this morning reporting a veritable geyser gushing skyward on the side of Route 1 southbound in front of the Market Fair mall.

According to West Windsor police Sgt. Thomas Tarr, a 1991 Toyota minivan veered off the road around 7:22 a.m. and clipped a speed-limit sign and a fire hydrant, prompting the gush of water.

The motorist did not stop at the scene and abandoned the heavily damaged van at the next exit, Farber Road, Tarr said.

Tarr said he spoke with the vehicle’s registered owner, a woman in Trenton, who said she was not driving the van at the time of the accident. He expects to meet with her later today to find out who was driving and why the car was abandoned.

If you were one of the drivers trying to get from New Brunswick to Trenton yesterday morning (like me), and the trip ended up taking you two hours… uh, this is why.



Hardware Wars (dir. Ernie Fosselius, 1978)

When I was 14, I thought this was about the funniest thing ever.

FLUKE STARBUCKER: Jeepers! What is it, Augie Ben Doggie? Did you feel a great disturbance in The Force? As if millions of voices cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced?!?

AUGIE BEN DOGGIE: No. Just a little headache.

Like I say, I was 14.


Ernie Fosselius - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In later years, George Lucas called [Hardware Wars] his favorite Star Wars parody. Fosselius was honored by Lucasfilm when Hardware Wars was given the Pioneer Award at the 2003 Official Star Wars Fan Film Awards.

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